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AJ Vinatieri

2022 IN | Zionsville HS

Height:  6'01"

Weight:  180

GPA:  3.38


Camp Attendee Since:  2021

Last NKR Camp:  Jan 2021

"AJ is a combo guy, but has shown great promise with his punting skill set. His kicking is coming along, but he is punting at a Division 1 level. He has a consistent drop and his step progression is straight and compact. For the first time seeing AJ in person, I was impressed. His recent twitter film of his training already shows great progress off the ground on FGs. We are excited about AJ and his future." - Coach Jackson, NKR

2020 Season Stats:  N/A

2019 Season Stats: N/A

Recent NKR Camp Videos

Jan 2021 Event (Film Coming Soon!)

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