Recovery Edge Therapy partners with National Kicking Rankings as a new sponsor.

Dec 22, 2018


NKR is proud to announce that Recovery Edge Therapy is sponsoring National Kicking Rankings in 2019. Recovery Edge Therapy is owned by Justin Vorwaller, a former college basketball player. Justin is excited about partnering with NKR. "I'm thrilled to be able to help the next generation of kickers, punters and long snappers with their overall health and recovery," Justin said. "Coach Jackson, Coach Husby, Coach Feely and their staff do a wonderful job getting these specialists on track to help their high school teams, then promote them to the college and professional ranks."

Justin has college basketball experience and with his experience he was able to figure out how to help athletes recover quicker backed with science and research. "With the help of some very successful entrepreneurs, I founded Recovery Edge Therapy on the principles of educating athletes on the importance of proper recovery," Justin said. "We introduced our first Recovery Edge Therapy System in 2014 and since have had countless stories of success and gratitude. Our current system has been properly modified and specifically designed to provide maximum recovery in as little time as possible.  Our new compression recovery system allows your muscles to recover faster – in just 5% of the time it would normally take with natural rest alone."


Every National Kicking Rankings event will have brochures for parents and campers and some NKR camps will have the physical units on hand for specialists to try out. If you'd like a 5% discount use code "teamjackson" at checkout at

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