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Scott Taylor Renfroe

2021 AL | Pike Liberal Arts School

Height:  6'01"

Weight:  175

GPA:  4.17

ACT:  22

Camp Attendee Since:  2016

Last NKR Camp:  Feb 22, 2020

"Scott has been attending our camps for over 3 years has shown tremendous growth! He has trusted the process and has developed into a D1 caliber Kicker. He has just started hitting some wonderful 'A' balls off the ground, and all of his hard work is starting to show. Scott also has drastically improved his hang time on kickoffs. In the past year, it has been common for Scott to kick 65+ yard kickoffs, but he has just recently started hitting his KOs in the 3.7 - 3.9 hangs. We are excited about Scott, and cannot wait to see where he ends up deciding to play collegiate football." - Coach Jackson, NKR

2019 Season Stats: 26/28 PATs (2 blocked), 6/9 FGs (LG 47, 2 blocked), 41 yd Punt Avg, 50% Touchbacks on Kickoffs


2018 Season Stats:  44/45 PATs, 3/4 FGs (Long 37), 60 Kickoffs, 4 touchbacks

2017 Season Stats:  31/33 PATs, 4 touchbacks

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Top 20 Camp Feb 22, 2020

Wilson Football All American Showcase Camp July 2019

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