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Cosmin Diaconu

2018 AL | Autauga Academy

Height:  5'09"

Weight:  165

GPA:  3.4

ACT:  22

Camp Attendee Since:  2017

Last NKR Camps:  Dec 9-10, 2017, Oct 22, 2017

"Cosmin has an interesting approach that is quite effective. He has compact steps with a powerful swing at impact. He makes solid contact and is consistent. He showed consistency by converting a perfect 8/8 charted field goals with a score of 15 of 16 possible points. Four of his charted kickoffs ranged from 61 to 68 yards. He also has an effective rugby punt. Cosmin has a D1 leg and has a ton of potential." - Coach Jackson, NKR

2017 Game Stats:  37 Touchbacks (long 68 yards), 4/4 field goals (long 39 yards), 43/44 PATs

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Oct 22, 2017 NKR Event

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