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Davidson Jump
2022 OH | Granville HS

Height:  5'09"
Weight:  175
GPA:  3.3
ACT:  26
Camp Attendee Since:  2021
Last NKR Camp: May 2021
Comments: Davidson attended  our NKR Showcase camps in Wheeling, WV 3/7 and Charleston, WV 5/23. Davidson demonstrates the ability to get the ball up very quickly on field goals with good trajectory. He shows good accuracy on his field goals from 42 yards and in. Davidson is working on his kickoffs and has demonstrated improvement from his March and May NKR camps. Davidson fits the mold of a rugby style punter and has recently been developing this part of his game. Davidson is a hard worker and displays a coachable demeanor at camps as he accepts feedback from coaches and strives to apply it to his game. - Coach McCullough, NKR


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