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Jack Martin

2019 AL | Northview High School

Height:  6'03"

Weight:  220

GPA:  4.2

ACT:  24

Camp Attendee Since:  2014

Last NKR Camp:  Nov 24, 2018

"Jack is kicking and punting at a super high level for his age. He is a true combo specialist consistently hitting high hanging deep kickoffs, punts in the 45-55 yard range with consistent hang time in the 4.3 - 4.8 range. His field goal form has changed recently to a two step approach and it seems to have created more power and accuracy. Jack is a Power 5 specialist and should be on your board." - Coach Jackson, NKR

2018 Game Stats: N/A


2017 Game Stats:  11/13 Field Goals, Long 45 yards

offers: FIU, South ALA,

Grambling State

SIGNED: Troy Univ

Recent NKR Camp Videos

Nov 24, 2018 NKR 1 v 1 Eval

To recruit this specialist email:

Dec 9-10, 2017 NKR Event

Oct 22, 2017 NKR Event

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