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Joseph Sandorf

2020 FL | East Lake HS

Height:  6'00"

Weight:  170

GPA:  3.0

SAT:  1220

Camp Attendee Since:  2018

Last NKR Camp:  Mar 24, 2018

"Joey is a super talented athlete. He's an impressive quarterback who also kicks at a high level at a young age. He has great striking ability both with punting and kicking. He's participated and competed in two NKR camps to start the new year of 2018 and has shown tremendous consistency. We are working with him to finish through towards his target more and prevent crunching. He's a talented specialist that should be on your college board!" - Coach Feely, NKR

2017 Season Stats:  

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March 2019 NKR Event

Apr 21, 2018 NKR Event

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